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Decoding the Future of GIFs, Messaging and Brands

30 years after its introduction as a file format, the GIF is now a foundational part of the new visual language that dominates our daily mobile communications. Research shows that people who express themselves visually feel better understood by and more connected to the people they communicate with. Now brands are utilizing this powerful new medium and creating content that makes it easy for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings -- cultivating emotional connections never before seen.

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  1. New research findings on the impact of visual expression on communication, relationships and emotional intelligence – especially among Gens Y and Z?
  2. How will mobile messaging continue to evolve as a communications vehicle for friends and family as well as for businesses engaging their consumers?
  3. How are brands effectively using GIFs to deliver on the promise of mobile, video and social marketing opportunities – and what are they still missing?



Michelle Cox, Head of Mktg & Communications, Tenor

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