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Entrepreneurs: Are they born or made?

We wanted to test the idea of can you make an entrepreneur? The theory was, if we could teach people to be entrepreneurs, we could use the techniques to teach local nonprofits, who are trying to solve local issues, how to create more earned income and rely less on donations and grants. Taking the best ideas from the startup world we decided to run our own experiment and see if we can teach people to solve problems and take risks like an entrepreneur.


  1. How can we take the best parts of the startup community and teach nonprofits to earn more income as opposed to relying only on grants and donations?
  2. Can you teach people how to think and act like entrepreneurs? Can we teach people to take bigger risks and solve bigger issues using revenue models?
  3. How can a community bring together different ecosystems (startup, nonprofit, universities, etc) to solve root problems and drive local economies?



Marianne Worthington, CoFounder , Revo

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