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Bringing the Science: Teaching with Authentic Data

Quality media tools and resources needed for learners to engage in scientific practices such as analyzing and interpreting data and computer models are rarely produced for K-12 instructional use, or designed for diverse learners. WGBH has been working in collaboration with NASA and teachers across the country to develop learning resources that incorporate authentic data, and tools and supports needed for learners to work with data and computer models. We’ll share insights & best practices.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how data In the classroom can be supported with instructional design and digital tools that support diverse learners
  2. Support scientific practices for K-12 students by using digital learning resources that integrate real data
  3. Meet NGSS by incorporating data that allows students to engage in practices such as analyzing and interpreting data and computer models.



Denise Olson, Dir Mktg, WGBH

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