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Will Drama Be the Next King of Interactive Web TV?

With the ascendance of network and cable dramas came loyal audiences engaging in rich cross-screen story-worlds. Lead by fans networks began developing characters outside of the television world. AMC and SyFy did wide-releases of original web shows continuing facets of their original dramas. These cross-platform story arcs began driving more audiences to tune-in online while the development of second screen technology has made it easier to blur screen distinctions. Are audiences ready to evolve with drama and experiment with new online formats? Join our panelists including TV programmer, cross-screen director, branded content developer, online network exec as we discuss the current landscape for digital programming: dramas leading the way, audiences, advancements in online original programming, big names moving into web TV. As viewers seek out mature digital native shows will advertisers get onboard? Will interactive viewing change the way we watch shows and will drama lead the way?

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  1. What are the best original web dramas out there and whose making and distributing them?
  2. Will online networks expand their programming to include drama formats in a space dominated by non-scripted and comedy?
  3. Can you have a good drama in an interactive environment – does screen matter for engagement and attention?
  4. Will interactive viewing change the way we watch shows and will drama lead the way?
  5. Will advertisers get onboard with drama and genre shows to help advance high-quality original web programming?



Jennifer Warren, VP Business Development / Co-Founder, BrandCinema

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