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Why Tech-Enabled Teachers Flee the Classroom

As a community organizer for innovative education, it is my personal mission to stay on top of trends in the k-12, higher education and edtech realms. Over my career, I have seen an unstoppable trend emerge: the most talented, tech-enabled teachers end up leaving their classrooms behind for careers in tech or other arenas outside of education. In my evaluation of this alarming migration, I'll discuss the factors that lead teachers away from the classroom and how schools can retain them.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the factors that drive tech-savvy teachers away from the classroom.
  2. Evaluate the strategies that schools can employ to empower more educators to harness and utilize technology in their practice.
  3. Understand the best practices schools use for keeping tech-enabled teachers and allowing them to thrive as educators.



Sean Duffy, Founder, EdTech Austin

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