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Welcome to the "Internet of Threats"

Biometrics, voice enabled interfaces, and the internet of everything are issuing a new slew of threat vectors. In addition, insider threats (employees, contractors, suppliers) have lead to a slew of spear phishing activities, social engineering, and hacker activity. Whether spoofing identity or exfiltration of sensitive corporate date, these events are on the rise. How do we secure ourselves, our data yet remain productive and take advantage of cloud based resources?

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  1. How can organizations and individuals keep themselves and their data secure or can they?
  2. How do innovative organizations invest in proactive vs reactive measures to secure their systems, data and people?
  3. With mounting level of consumer data on-line, what regulations (like GDPR) might help safeguard information and will it even help?



Ari Lightman, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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