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Design Thinking has a Pedagogy Problem

Are you an educator striving to fight inequality? If so, Meg Miller of FastCo, recommends you go ahead & “forget design thinking.” This advice may come as a surprise, since design thinking is a hot edu buzzword. Julie Schell offers an emerging idea that design thinking has a wicked pedagogy problem and that Miller's advice is a harbinger of where ever-popular design thinking initiatives are headed if education change agents don’t acknowledge the drawbacks of current design thinking instruction.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Drive awareness of the potential hazards of current design thinking trends in education, specifically popularity of bootcamps and 90-minute workshops
  2. Empower decision makers and innovators to evaluate design thinking initiatives using a 3-part framework for ensuring effective pedagogy and learning
  3. Interrupt widespread over-reliance on quick fix design thinking initiatives in education so the method reaches its potential to create lasting change



Julie Schell, Clinical Asst Professor , The University of Texas at Austin

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