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Sisters in Arms: Women in Tech Meet Up

Come network and compare battle scars with other women in tech! Strategize how to effectively encourage women in your community and boldly use your voice. Let’s label ingrained lies (badass does not equal bitch), fight the practice of pitting women against women (successful women around you is a GOOD thing), and identify signs of a healthy work environment (and when to get out of an unhealthy one). Join us for lively discussion, tasty donuts, and the chance to meet fellow comrades in arms.


  1. What “acceptable” behavior/language undermines women in tech? How can we alter our own behavior/language to positively influence our environment?
  2. How do we identify and seek out healthy work environments? What should we do if we end up in an unhealthy one?
  3. How can we address and lower the dropout rate of women in early tech careers? How can we work to prevent burnout in ourselves and the women around us?



Hedda Prochaska, Web Designer, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

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