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How to Build a 21st Century Citizen

Effective 21st century citizenship requires more than volunteering for a day or voting in elections, it requires social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making to support sustained civic engagement. YMCA Texas Youth & Government Program and the University of Texas’s Annette Strauss Institute share how their curricula create 21st Century citizens through hands-on civic learning. Hear from student participants as they discuss their transformative experience in the program.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide educators with resources and tools to implement experiential civic learning.
  2. Share impact and outcomes of civic education programs that students and schools are utilizing across the state.
  3. Deepen understanding of the importance to engage students early in civic learning to develop leadership skills essential to participatory democracy.



Angela Castilleja, YMCA Texas Youth & Government State Dir, YMCA of Austin

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