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Democratizing Data for Student Attainment

Research shows the vast majority of high school students across America aspire to earn a college degree, yet fewer than 1 in 3 will succeed. In light of this, a cross-sector cadre of education stakeholders are banding together to put student attainment data to work. Learn how the University of Chicago’s To&Through Project provides education stakeholders with the research, data, and professional learning they need to close the gap between students’ college aspirations and attainment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how access to college outcomes data has allowed Chicago to nearly double the amount of students earning a degree in less than a decade.
  2. Walk away with actionable research and data insights that can be shared with school leaders, students, staff, and families.
  3. Gain potential strategies for putting college outcomes research and data into practice in high school and middle school classrooms.



Dayna Dion, Sr Dir of National & Global Engagement, University of Chicago Urban Education Institute

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