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Health Technology: Helping Humans Be More Human

Some fear that technology will make medicine more rote, less human. What if the opposite is true? As advancements like artificial intelligence begin to outperform humans for diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic effectiveness, physicians can focus on the “art of medicine.” Relationships more easily built on the trust and mutual respect of facile access. Resiliency--the foundation of good health--is fostered by shifting the balance of power to patients and motivating healthy thoughts and habits.


  1. How can artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, and self-monitoring tools be used to improve “art of medicine”?
  2. How can technology provide a more compassionate way to encourage healthy habits, self-efficacy, and resiliency?
  3. Building on the initial successes of technology-enhanced care, what will the best methods for getting and staying healthy look like in 5 or 10 years?



David Ring, Assoc Dean for Comprehensive Care, Dell Medical School at UT Austin

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