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Educating Teachers: Closing the Digital Skills Gap

In this technology driven world, there remains an ever-increasing skills gap within the IT industry, causing impacts to the talent pool for companies.
The current education approach is failing, and speaking with teachers across Northern Ireland (NI), there is a clear lack of confidence about teaching “Digital Literacy” in the classroom.

Join me to hear how the IT industry and education authorities in NI, have come together to work collaboratively on trying to solve this problem.

Learning Objectives

  1. I aim to highlight how the industry and education authorities work together to embed digital literacy into schools for children aged 8 to 14
  2. To demonstrate how embedding digital literacy into schools at the lowest levels will help reduce the skills gap in Northern Ireland
  3. Develop an understanding of the challenges the education system/future generation faces if they do not act now, in keeping up with the demands of the



Seamus Sands, Sr Analytics Engineer, Kainos Software

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