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CELLULOID: Planning / Capturing / Posting With Film!

The percentage of Features captured on celluloid is relatively small, yet the percentage of Features that earn and receive recognition at distinguished Film Festivals is quite high. What is it about celluloid that continues to attract filmmakers to this craft and way of capturing moving images both within the camera and now more recently projecting onto the screen. Is it the art of filmmaking? Is it a fad? Or is it a Renaissance? What is the attraction of FILM?

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  1. What attracts filmmakers to celluloid?
  2. What was the process of working with and in celluloid? Choosing your film, processing your work and what method of workflow did you decide to use?
  3. What is the attraction of seeing films projected on film? Only a few years ago many 35mm Film projectors were removed from Theaters. There Back! Why?



Michael Brown, Vice President Motion Picture, Eastman Kodak Company

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