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Women Kick Ass (Despite Having "Female Brains")

After two million years of evolution, men’s & women’s brains function differently, and those differences are reflected in how we behave and are perceived at work, especially in film and tech. This provocative talk shows how values placed on male & female instincts limit women’s success, and how to change that. It challenges basic assumptions, shows women how to display traits that raise our value in all workplaces, and helps us expand our ability to be recognized and rewarded at any level.

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  1. Why do men's and women's brains function differently, and is there scientific proof of this from evolutionary biology, anthropology and neurology?
  2. Why do most organizations measure leadership & success in a way that rewards male over female instincts and how do we level the playing field?
  3. What are simple, small, life-changing adaptations women can make to be recognized & rewarded for their contributions and advance to the top levels?



Valerie Alexander, Founder & CEO, Speak Happiness

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