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Career Ready: The Power of Mentorship

For many college students, graduation doesn’t guarantee a job. How do we help our students thrive after college? With over 10 years of expertise, we found the key to success often lies with a support system in the form of a mentor. Learn how our dedicated mentor system, which pairs students with a single mentor for four consecutive years, has produced scholars who are workforce-ready. A mentor, mentee & an HR specialist will speak to the impact mentorship can have in a young person’s success.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn best practices and gain insight as to how to implement and manage a mentorship program at the high school and college level.
  2. Gain insight into what skills and qualities businesses are looking for out of recent graduates.
  3. Find out how colleges and businesses can work together formally or informally to ensure youth are acquiring necessary 21st century skills.



Eric Moore, Sr Dir, Programs , Tiger Woods Foundation

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