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Amplifying Your Startup’s Impact Through Story

Bringing a product to life is one thing, getting people excited about it is another. Founders need to inspire people to believe in their company’s potential, whether those people are investors, employees or users.

Hosted by frog, a leading design firm, and CrunchFund, a leading early-stage VC firm, this workshop is about taking your awesome product and building a story around it – one that is compelling, believable, and able to amplify the effect that you will have in the world.


  1. How do I describe my product in a way that gets investors, employees and users excited about its potential?
  2. How do I communicate the value of my product in a way that people can easily understand?
  3. What are the different tools, channels, and resources that I can use to tell the story of my product?



Michael Robertson, Strat Dir of Venture Design, frog

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