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Opportunity vs. Achievement: Framing the Gap

Ever feel stuck in a conversation about test scores? Despite the fact that practitioners, policymakers, and scholars have been writing about the opportunity gap for the last decade, the primary way that schools across the country currently understand and act on educational equity is through the construct of the achievement gap. This open conversation will argue that the opportunity gap is a more robust frame for understanding and responding to educational inequity than the achievement gap.

Learning Objectives

  1. Responding to the achievement gap vs. the opportunity gap sets schools on very different paths with regard to improvement and intervention.
  2. We will discuss/articulate the predictable and limited response/intervention patterns that flow from responding to the achievement gap.
  3. We will explore how understanding and working to address the opportunity gap opens up a much wider range of meaningful responses/intervention.



Remy Robitaille, Digital Mktg Mgr, New Tech Network

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