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Designing Health: Future Hospitals Are Hospitable

What will future health look like if hospitals are obsolete and the doctor is a robot? In the future, boundaries between individual and society and between sick and healthy will be fluid while new perceptions of health and illness emerge. How might we design a new human-centered and empathetic health care system? In the intersection between design thinking and futurology we outline a new paradigm and ask: What new markets and solutions emerge and what do future health technologies look like?


  1. How might we use design thinking as a tool to make plausible futures concrete and identify possibilities and obstacles for tomorrow health solutions?
  2. What are the demands and needs when patients and doctors interact in the future healthcare system? What are the new tasks - and responsibilities?
  3. How might we design the roles of the patient and the doctor of the future and create a human-centered health experience?



Sara Gry Striegler, Program Director, Danish Design Centre

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