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Helping Student Athletes Diversify Their Portfolio

Several schools face the dilemma of students who are so focused on playing professional sports, that they struggle in the classroom and in college. However, if things don’t pan out and their athletic careers are cut short, these student-athletes are often left without options. They often aren't taught the skills needed to excel, perform, and prosper outside of sports.

This panel will show educators how to help students make use of other career paths outside of just being a athletic.

Learning Objectives

  1. Encouraging educators to show students how to utilize other career paths outside of just being an athlete.
  2. Encouraging student athletes to pick majors they are passionate about and how to motivate them in the classroom.
  3. And finally, how to equip student athletes with the tools needed to graduate from college within four years



Henry Keculah, CEO, 4.0 Growth Productivity Accountability

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