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The Grocery Store: Going “Tech” Fresh To Survive

With high quality internet access rising, cell phones and tablets more ubiquitous than ever and heightened multitasking among “millenials,” grocery shopping is not what it used to be. Only 41% of millenials buy food at traditional grocery store, and focus on convenience over store loyalty (via “Trouble in Aisle 5” report, June 2012, from Jefferies & Co/AlixPartners Once considered to be near the forefront of retail innovation to appease customers (and keep them coming back for more), grocery stores are seeking various ways to stay relevant across shopper generations. Technology is a key asset, with stores considering interactive and 3D signage that tailors to shoppers, dynamic shelf labels and displays, “smart” carts that help pick items, instant near field communication purchases and more. In this session, learn about what’s new and what’s next to help make going to the grocery store exciting again, and place it ahead of the innovation curve, rather than behind it.

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  1. What sort of technologies are grocery stores using (or testing out) to lure shoppers back in?
  2. What are the actual benefits to shoppers for using these technologies?
  3. How will technology affect retail in the next 5 years (or more)?
  4. How can I implement these technologies into my own business/event?
  5. How else are/can these technologies be used beyond their grocery-focused applications?



Daniel Lantowski, Senior Account Executive, Maloney & Fox

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