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How VR/AR/MR Changes Aviation & Space Operations!

The Air Force is partnering with Academia and Industry to expand how VR/AR/MR can enhance traditional aviation and space operations. This partnership is having far-reaching impacts in how the future of these fields will be utilized. Many believe that VR/AR/MR will open the doors to tremendous growth in aviation and space exploration. Humanity has the opportunity to harness this potential for unprecedented benefit around the world. Come form a partnership to change humankind!

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  1. How will VR/AR/MR change traditional aviation around the world?
  2. How will VR/AR/MR change how humankind approaches space exploration?
  3. How will AR/VR/MR usher humankind into a new economic expansion in the fields of aviation and space operations?



Gabe Arrinton, Director of Operations, United States Air Force

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