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Reprogramming the Brain with Upper Body Robotics

Robotics are the future of physical rehabilitation. Harmony is the world’s first two-armed, upper-body, robotic-assisted exoskeleton suitable for rehabilitation and neuro-reprogramming for individuals with many types of brain injuries. The UT Austin ReNeu Laboratory, St. David’s HealthCare, and Harmonic Bionics will discuss the challenges and opportunities for robotics in the clinical and home rehabilitation setting, as well as the promise of robotic exoskeletons to improve patient outcomes.


  1. How can robotic technologies be used in physical medicine and rehabilitation and on what types of patients?
  2. What are the challenges and opportunities for adopting robotic technologies in physical medicine and rehabilitation?
  3. What will the future of a robot-assisted rehabilitation program look like?



Matthew Cowperthwaite, Director of Research, St. David's HealthCare

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