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Info Overload:So Many Choices, So Little Attention

Consumers have unlimited options when it comes to choosing what to buy, what to stream, or where to eat. The ability to discover, research, and choose from infinite products can overwhelm and debilitate us. With Google Home and Amazon Alexa, we can outsource some choices, but at what cost? In exchange for convenience, do we sacrifice brand preference? Explore how customer choice and the shopper journey have evolved in the age of e-commerce, media saturation, smart technology and personalization.

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  1. Today's connected consumers have unlimited options. How does having infinite choices affect the consumer and hurt the customer experience?
  2. Have we reached a point where we are relying more on smart technologies and personal assistants to make decisions for us? Which ones and how many?
  3. How can companies use technology, customer data and personalization to minimize decision difficulty and improve the customer experience?



Alison Kwong, PR Mgr, Bazaarvoice

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