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Profit + Purpose. The New Normal.

We are seeing a paradigm shift in the way users are spending their time online and especially in their online purchases. Consumers are buying and advocating for purposeful brands and not letting their Internet behavior go to waste. Retailers and content creators are choosing to serve their readers and shoppers with opportunities to deepen their interactions while supporting social good. According to Edelman’s 2012 Trust Barometer findings, “when quality and price are the same, social purpose is the most important factor.”
This panel will bring together Hearst Digital's Executive Director of Social Media, Ross Geisel; host of Lifetime television's The Conversation, Amanda de Cadanet; Co-Founder HelloGiggles, Sophia Rossi; and president and founder Amaryllis Fox who will discuss digital trends in cause-conscious shopping, the influence of the power of personal recommendation and creating innovative ways to power profit through purpose.

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  1. How are "citizen consumers" making decisions when it comes to what they are purchasing online? Is there a trend in consumers looking for ways to do social good and support organizations through their purchases without changing their shopping patterns?
  2. When quality and price are equal, what is the most important deciding factors influencing brand choices?
  3. What are some innovative ways to generate revenue while doing social good through digital platforms?
  4. How does the power of personal recommendation influence consumer spending?
  5. How are major content creators and platforms making their content shoppable and available to users?



Amaryllis Fox, Founder and President, mulu

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