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Fatherhood Playbook: In The Huddle, At The Table

33% of American children live absent their biological father. If Fatherlessness in the U.S. could be classified as a disease, it would be an epidemic. This panel will convene professional athletes and coaches who understand the power of parenthood and the uniqueness of their platform to have a lasting impact in the development of children, an improvement within society and the impact it has on them as players and leaders. It's a conversation as big as a stadium & as small as a kitchen table.

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  1. Can Sport take the place of a Father? How does knowing or not knowing a Father impact a player's psychological, performance and stylistic development?
  2. What insight and coaching techniques can professional athletes share about their own development for those that aspire to be professional Dads?
  3. How do athletes best utilize digital media, technology, sponsorship, team and league positioning to advocate for Fatherhood and have measurable impact



Daniel Jeydel, Associate Director, Lead Ogilvy Digital Labs, Ogilvy

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