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Designfest! Kids Collaborating&Learning Globally

Join forces to offer our students amazing projects to build new knowledge and skills in collaboration with other students around the nation - or the world! This focused Designfest! will provide the structure and foster community to make it happen.

Kids in Washington, Oklahoma, & Virginia all collecting data from their local ecosystems and collaborating on an comparative analysis of biotic and abiotic factors in those ecosystems? Definitely! Kids in California, Wisconsin & Florida interviewing elders about experiences during the Civil Rights Movement and then writing historical fiction letter exchanges highlighting regional differences? Hell yeah!

Digital tools afford us so much more opportunity than just sharing our final products online for viewing and commenting. We'll identify participants' common classroom passions & needs, share local expertise & perspectives across global topics, and build personal connections & real collaborative projects to bring home!

Learning Objectives

  1. Who can I join forces with to develop national - or international! - classroom projects for my classroom?
  2. How can my students connect and learn WITH students from around the country - or globe! - rather than just sharing finished products online?
  3. How can connecting students in different parts of the country - or world! - enhance their deep understanding of content and global systems?



Lindsey Own, Teacher, The Evergreen School

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