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Demystifying Machine Learning

We have all encountered machine learning in our daily lives, from speech recognition to fraud detection - but do we really know what it is? This raises a compelling question, how do we build awareness around this topic? The answer lies in education. The solution for us became AI Camp, a two week scheme for university students with the goal of equipping the next generation with skills to leverage machine learning. Discover how we took an intimidating topic and lowered the barrier through AI Camp.

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Learning Objectives

  1. We aim to highlight the key concepts of machine learning and build an awareness of why these skills are important for society and the future.
  2. An understanding of why educators and businesses should strike while the iron is hot, explained through our reasons for creating AI Camp.
  3. Our experience of creating an innovative course for university students and lowering the barrier to learning a complex topic like machine learning.



Kelly Moore, Software Engineer, Kainos Software

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