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Imagining the University Campus of 2050

University campuses have not changed much since their inception. Disruptive technological, societal and pedagogical changes have many wondering what will become of campuses in 30 years. This panel will discuss several controversial topics on how universities will pivot between 2017 and 2050. Talking points include augmented reality vs. purpose-built space, artificial intelligence vs. learning, and global flows of educational business vs. shifting cultural values.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn 3 technologies that will dramatically affect the way students, faculty and staff experience university campuses over the next 30 years
  2. Understand how artificial intelligence, robotics and shifting cultural values can positively impact university campuses
  3. 3 "survival tips" from successful business which will help universities thrive and remain relevant in an rapidly evolving future.



Amber Luther, Assoc Architect, Populous

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