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From Nope to Hope-Innoculating Cities from Trauma

When 1 in 4 people experience trauma, it’s impossible for cities to thrive. Trauma limits our thinking and leads to conflict, violence, suicide, homelessness, and more. Hope offers liberation from the holds of trauma and is an infinite resource for transforming communities. Hope and community restoration levers inspire a vision for the future and illuminate pathways toward thriving communities. Through technology, learn how hopeful you are and how you can infect your city with hope and healing.


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  1. What are the components of hope and how do you measure it?
  2. How do you spread hope in your community to overcome trauma on a community level?
  3. How can you help lift the veil of trauma for community members so that all are empowered to seek solutions and become agents of change?



Jacqueline Counts, Director, University of Kansas

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