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How Creatives and the Arts Are Driving Innovation

As the dean of a fine arts college at a Research 1 institution, I believe we must shift the way we instruct and prepare our graduates for the working world. Academia and corporate America undervalue the MFA, and we have an opportunity to truly reveal its worth in business. For the past two years, we’ve created a new model and partnered with Fortune 500 companies from across the country to support and teach our students in a way that both challenges conventions and inspires innovation.

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  1. How can a traditional fine arts college pivot to create meaningful and promising connections between traditional creatives and business?
  2. How can we prepare creatives to work in business environments that can make use of their talents and drive business objectives?
  3. What schools and colleges are models that can we look to for this new era?



Alicia Dietrich, Public Affairs Dir, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin

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