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Developing in a Creative Cluster: AR/VR in Austin

AR/VR development is spread across the world, but many developers gravitate towards “Creative Clusters,” cities with a complementary array of technological and artistic industries working in the same space. Austin has become one of the top cities for AR/VR, with the second largest VR meet up in the nation, and hundreds of companies working in AR/VR. This panel features developers and business owners discussing their reasoning for setting up shop in Austin. How does VR fit into a Creative Cluster?

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  1. What defines a Creative Cluster? Why are Creative Clusters important to both the lives and the development process of AR/VR developers?
  2. How does the VR development community fit into the other creative industries in a Creative Cluster like Austin?
  3. How can cities cultivate a Creative Cluster of industries, and attract and retain a thriving AR/VR community?



Minh Vu, Sr Mktg Coord, Texas Film Commission

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