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The Smart Way To Find and Reach Brand Fans

Most people have lived a lifetime between the ages of 18 and 49 with ever changing needs, yet we continue to use these ridiculous audience targets to buy and sell media. Our approach to media planning links an advertisers brand fans with fans of our programming that increases return on ad spend and is always on in the digital age. As long as people continue to watch and buy things to fuel their passions, there is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to connect with them on an emotional level

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  1. What is a Brand Fan? Do you have enough of them? How are you leveraging Brand Fans in your overall strategy?
  2. Why are Fans important? What fuels their passions and the role your brand plays in their lives? What is the origins of your emotional connection.
  3. How are you listening to Brand Fans and trying to reach more to influence others?



Jeff Gregori, Client Strategy and Dev, Turner Broadcasting/truTV

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