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What the F*ck is Inclusive Innovation? Leaning-In

Inclusiveness is like, the new 'digital divide.' How can we build tech-economies where diversity and income inclusiveness are baked-in to business development? How are P.O.C. producing economic opportunity and innovation on their own terms, and what can be done to hasten that growth? This panel of experts will dialogue on long-term tactics for generating digital equality, bringing insights from their work in tech development, entrepreneurship, scholarly research, and community-engaged design.

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  1. Who benefits from diversity and innovation, and who can benefit more?
  2. Educational pipelines are key, but how do we disrupt inequality in the current knowledge-based economy?
  3. If the creative class is also the vanguard of gentrification, what can tech firms do to share in opportunity in the urban core?



Reginold Royston, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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