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Cultivating Millennials to be Authentic Leaders

While teaching students to ride a bike from Austin to Anchorage may seem the obvious lesson, it's the journey they endure that provides the deepest education. From "hiring" to "firing", "balancing a budget" to "conflict resolution", to "motivation" and "direction", these students become authentic leaders and sought-after recruits at the University of Texas. Hear from the founder and others that completed this journey and later went on to be a corporate leader and Student Body President.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how the real-world experience of planning and participating in a 70-day bike ride from Austin to Anchorage teaches leadership skills.
  2. Learn how this experiential learning makes college students better people and authentic leaders.
  3. Learn why these University of Texas students are sought-after recruits by companies and what makes them so desirable.



Scott Crews, Exec Dir, Texas 4000 for Cancer

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