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The Future of Game Democratization

Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason will provide first-hand insight into the state of game democratization today. With his mission to level the playing field for all game developers, Helgason will discuss the current state of the democratization in Unity game development platform, the rise of crowdsourcing, and what still needs to happen for a truly democratized game industry. He will explore the quest for AAA development for all and the part Unity 4 will play in this, as well as the work toward distribution on underutilized and emerging platforms where every game developer should have equal footing, including IPTV, set-top boxes like Roku and Ouya, and more. Finally, he will explore what games really mean to industries today, both those in tech and those in traditional industries, and if gamification should still be considered a dirty word.

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  1. What is the state of democratization of game development today?
  2. What are some of the newest and most interesting tools being used to democratize development?
  3. How can we get the most powerful tools in the hands of as many developers as possible?
  4. How can we make it as fair and even as possible to publish games to both existing and emerging platforms?
  5. How will the democratization of development affect industries that use development technology, the way they do business, and the way they reach and interact with customers?



Heather Miller, PR, Point Blank Communications

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