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How Data Science uncovers the best college choices

Big Data is often talked about in college choice, but few organizations are truly neutral in recommending best match colleges to first generation applicants. On this panel we will illustrate concrete examples of how Data Science improves college access and college persistence through better algorithms. Panel members will encourage the audience to discuss the limitations of existing systems. We will challenge audience members to better steer students toward higher ed institutions.

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Learning Objectives

  1. School leaders and counselors will better scrutinize university choices for our students, paying close attention to graduation rates based on race.
  2. Educational leaders will take action and better use resources that are designed specifically for first generation students' college match process.
  3. Educational leaders will understand how data science helps best match first generation applicants to schools with the highest chances of success.



Toni Maraviglia, Lead/beyond/uptake (Uptake's Foundation), Uptake

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