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The Health You Want, the Care You Need

Dell Medical School is developing novel ways to create effective solutions for the health needs of patients and their families. Medical conditions and circumstances may impact individuals and families for years or their entire lives. We have developed care paths for patients with conditions as diverse as Down Syndrome, Congestive Heart Failure, and Cancers. Our solutions aim to enable work, school, play and family life so patients can focus on living well with their medical circumstances.

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  1. How does DMS' Experience Group methodology translate patient experience into insights that inform effective care paths?
  2. How can we get better patient outcomes at a lower cost through effective, comprehensive care?
  3. How can patients, families and health care providers, payors and help drive the demand for comprehensive care?



Meghana Gadgil, Asst Professor, MD MPH, Dell Medical School at UT Austin

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