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Integration of Sports and the CivilRights Movement

I would like a panel of the 1st black students at UT with Col Leon Holland and CR Roberts from USC to speak about what it was like to break down racial barriers at UT in 1956. In the fall of 1956 UT integrated it's student body and at the end of the 1st week of the fall semester CR Roberts and USC teammates broke the Jim Crow laws in Austin by demanding to stay together in a white hotel or they would not play in the football game vs UT. They were able to stay together and the rest is history.

Learning Objectives

  1. To learn what it was like in Austin Texas prior to the civil rights movement.
  2. How the integration of schools and sports in the 1950s help start the civil rights movement.
  3. What future generations can learn from the trail blazers who broke down racial barriers and how they can apply those lessons to their lives.



Jeremy Sadowski, Dir, Sadowski Sport Films, Inc.

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