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Aging in an Alternative Universe

Journey to an alternative universe of better aging. Experience a media-rich discussion about creativity, design, humor, and innovation. Discover a wonder world of new social constructs, attitudes and seeing older age in a new light.

Jose Colucci of Dell Med, former designer and director at IDEO, and Tuck Kamin, author of Design Your Age, will present, prognosticate, postulate and propose this new universe with a series of vignettes using graphics, film, conversation, design and other media.

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  1. How will I make my life more meaningful and fulfilling as I get older?
  2. What are insights on aging that will help us design a better future?  
  3. What will keep me on the right course to take better care of myself as I age?



Jose Colucci, Director of R&D - Design Institute for Health, Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin

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