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Take No BS: Tame Critics, Take Credit & Influence

This women’s leadership session focuses on how to handle challenging, gender-charged workplace situations. This session addresses taming your inner critic to create a more positive mindset. Tapping into greater confidence is an essential step to doubt-proof your ideas, so you can back them up when questioned. We will cover strategies to equip you to interrupt when you can’t otherwise get a word in, disagree with influence, take credit for your ideas and avoid apologizing unnecessarily.

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  1. How can you create a more positive mindset, tame your inner critic, and tap into greater confidence?
  2. How can you take credit for your ideas, interrupt, and disagree with tact and influence, in a male-dominated field--without repercussions?
  3. How do gender roles impede career satisfaction and advancement--and what are actionable research-based strategies to address this?



Amira Pollock, Speaker, instructor, coach, The University of Texas at Austin

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