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Flying Under the Banner of Hip-Hop

From its origins in the Bronx to a global phenomenon, hip-hop is the stuff college courses, wildly successful careers and dreams are made of. It's also what money is made of. Rap is created and enjoyed by all, and a major money-maker for a few. Given hip-hop's roots, the capitalization of rap is linked to the commercialization of brown skin. For this reason, it's hard to be a rapper and not spend a lot of time thinking about race, gender, money, power and ownership. Let's discuss.


  1. Is hip-hop for everybody? If so, when is it not?
  2. Do artists have a responsibility to work for social change, or can we just think about getting paid? Why?
  3. What does the future of hip-hop look like to you? What are your expectations and/or hopes for the genre?



Tierney Oberhammer, Director of Production , Flocabulary

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