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The Perils and Promises of Growth Mindset

The growth mindset movement has spread quickly as a strategy for bringing about the cultural change (e.g. reduce deficit thinking) required to meet districts’ equity goals, especially for students who don’t feel a sense of belonging in school. Yet, this strategy is largely misunderstood and poorly implemented. I'll discuss the latest research about what is most promising; and more importantly, what is most troubling and potentially harmful when improperly applied.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why growth mindset is necessary but not sufficient for successful student learning and overall school climate.
  2. Discuss potential misapplication of growth mindset strategies and resulting potential harm to students.
  3. Investigate robust growth mindset strategies that attend to latest research findings & create conditions for the transformational change you seek.



Lisa Brown, Course Program Specialist, Secondary Mathematics, Charles A Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin

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