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Glocal X Geodesign : Adaoptive + Resilient

Geodesign leverages information systems to allow collaborations that result in geographically specific, adaptive and resilient solutions to wicked problems across scales of the built and natural environment. We know our world is changing and the challenges are staggering, but this is the not time to feel helpless. Geodesign empowers through data and analytics to shape our environments and create better tomorrows. Learn about the technology, get inspired by the potential, act on the vision.

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  1. How does Geodesign provide value in taking on wicked glocal challenges and finding geographically specific, adaptive and resilient solutions?
  2. How can geodesign, cloud data and computing, and geospatial information tools foster collaborative decision making in your community?
  3. Where can you learn how geodesign can be applied to a diversity of land use challenges and places?



Allan Shearer, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

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