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Do Your Job: Real Talk for Real Change

Our job is clear: take impeccable care of ourselves and assist others. What's most needed now, in all sectors, are open-minded, high-performing, healthy and inspiring influencers who will help guide culture in a positive direction. But what does that really mean? What gets in our way of doing it and how can we be successful at it? This experience will leave you thoroughly clear and confident about how and what to do starting today.

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  1. how do we help individuals with so many different identities, needs, aspirations, and goals?
  2. how do we find and maintain balance amidst constant life demands and distractions?
  3. what are your spheres of relative privilege and disadvantage and how can you leverage them for good?



Dillan DiGiovanni, Coach, Self-Employed (NOT A COMPANY NAME. USE N/A)

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