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Shielding data privacy & resisting online learning

inBloom Inc. sparked a national dialogue on student privacy after parents in nine states and districts fought to keep it out of their schools. Since inBloom shut down in 2014, parents have continued to press for stronger student privacy protections, which has led states to pass over 100 laws. Parents and teachers are now pushing back against online learning because of continuing privacy concerns and lack of evidence that it works to enhance learning.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Hear from privacy advocates, including some of those who led the battle against inBloom, why they are still fighting to protect student privacy.
  2. Understand why parents and teachers are concerned with how ed tech imperils student privacy and the personal connection between teacher and student.
  3. Learn about the growing resistance to online learning, and how the ed tech lobby distorts and/or obscures negative research findings.



Rachael Stickland, Co-Chair, Parent Coalition for Student Privacy

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