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Data Helping Nonprofits Improve Public Health

Social enterprise RefillWise has applied data science to help nonprofits like behavioral science firm ideas42, PCCI (Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation) and Catholic Charities of Fort Worth win grants from public sources like CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) & private funders such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Their collaboration is developing scalable solutions, improving public health & increasing prescription adherence despite social and environmental determinants.

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  1. How is PCCI using public-private partnership data to improve pediatric respiratory health by mitigating socioeconomic and environmental determinants?
  2. How does ideas42 use behavioral science to design scalable solutions — from cases, to work-in-progress increasing Rx medication adherence?
  3. How does social enterprise RefillWise help health and human services nonprofits use pharmacy data to measure impact, improve health, and win grants?



Catherine Cuellar, Dir of Partnerships, RefillWise

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