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The Job Candidate Bill of Rights

Everyone knows applying for a job sucks. But does it have to? We’ll take a look at what rights job seekers should have, what responsibilities employers should have, and how both can actually align to make looking for work feel less like, you know, work.

Job candidates have been endowed with inalienable rights, and the pursuit of happiness shouldn’t end with trying to find a job. Make your voice heard and end job applications without representation as we draft the Bill of Rights for Job Seekers.

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  1. What does the hiring process really look like, and what really goes on in recruiting that job seekers need to know?
  2. How does technology impact the job search today & how can emerging and established tech help candidates help themselves make finding a job less work?
  3. What basic rights do job seekers have, and what basic responsibilities do employers have when it comes to recruiting and hiring?



William Tincup, Pres, RecruitingDaily

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