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UTeach Maker: An innovative STEM micro-credential

Recently, there has been increased interest in fusing making with PK-12 education. As schools continue to add makerspaces, there is a need to support teachers in effectively utilizing these facilities. This panel will discuss UTeach Maker, a micro-credentialing program that supports preservice teachers in bringing making into STEM classrooms and makerspaces. We will discuss the successes as well as the challenges encountered during the first two-years of the program.

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Learning Objectives

  1. The audience will be able explain how micro-credentialing can be used to prepare teachers for making in STEM classroom and makerspaces.
  2. The audience will deconstruct the elements of the Maker Showcase and the review process of the UTeach Maker portfolio.
  3. The audience will evaluate the importance of developing a maker philosophy, connecting to the maker community, and learning tool-specific skills.



Jason Harron, Doctoral Student, The University of Texas at Austin

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