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Help! I Need To Insure My Self-Driving Car!

Increasingly, the cars, doorbells and watches in our lives are becoming internet-connected, data-thirsty and yes, intelligent. This trend has profound implications for the $1.2 Trillion US insurance industry and the entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt it. Our panel features a diverse range of perspectives, including (perhaps the most) prolific early-stage Insuretech VC, two accomplished founders tackling the consumer and business sides of insurance and a Fintech leader from a FTSE100 data provider.

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  1. What changes in tech are happening that will fundamentally reshape insurance during the next decade?
  2. What insuretech startups are doing interesting work in the space? How are they thinking about new data sources and an improved consumer experience?
  3. How are incumbents, including carriers and data providers, mitigating the threat of disruption? Can they learn from parallels in the Fintech industry?



Aaron Suplizio, Director, Online Lending & Fintech, Experian

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