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AI in Advertising: Monitoring The Machines

Advertising is an industry that is rightly fixated on human behaviour.

With AI now at a tech inflection point, the data we collect can be turned into insight that results in understanding consumers on such an intimate level that it may know us better than we know ourselves.

This creates plenty of ethical issues to consider, and this talk aims to highlight and address an approach to AI in advertising in a positive and future-focussed way.

Where is the line? How do we avoid crossing it?

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  1. A snapshot of the future - how will pervasive use of AI in advertising radically change the industry and consumer lives?
  2. What are the ethical considerations of this paradigm shift in the way brands are able to communicate to their consumers and influence their decisions?
  3. Monitoring the machines - defining the line we should't cross. Once we have defined the line, how do we make sure we don't cross it?



Ringo Moss, Strategy Dir, McCann Worldgroup

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